Advice About Massaging After a Breast Augmentation - 3 Tips

Breast augmentation surgery can produce wonderful results for many women, giving them the breasts they had always wanted. In terms of the healing process, some people have heard that regular breast massaging aid in the process. Others disagree.

Smooth Implants And Massage

The main purpose of massaging after surgery is to avoid capsule contracture (i.e., the development of scar tissue around the implant).

Massaging after breast augmentation is sometimes recommended for women who have smooth breast implants. Smooth breast implants have a smooth outer shell and a round shape. They tend to be softer than textured breast implants. These implants tend to have a more "natural" feel to them. click here for more info 부산출장

And, even when it comes to smooth implants, there are differing opinions among doctors about the necessity of having breast massages done.

After the implants are inserted into the breast a lining, or capsule, is formed. If the capsule tightens it will squeeze the implant and can distort the shape of the breast, resulting in the breast feeling hard to the touch. (The hardness is the result of the capsule tightening, not the actual implant itself hardening).

To reduce the risk of capsule contracture, some doctors recommend breast massage beginning a few days to a week after the surgery. Although techniques vary, patients are generally advised to move the implants up, down, to the right and to the left. Some doctors even provide videos of the massage techniques they would like their patients to use.

Initially, massages should be done every few hours. A couple of weeks after surgery, however, you can decrease the frequency a couple of times a day. Some doctors even recommend daily massages for as long as you have the implants to help keep them soft.

During the massage, pay attention to your body and stop the massage if you feel any pain. This is also a good time to examine your breast to look for any signs of redness or heat at the incision site. These can be signs of a possible infection.

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